The Youngest Witnesses
Content and photographs © 2009 Loyan Beausoleil and Gabe Kirchheimer.

(Photos and art are from general time period of quotes.)

  9/10/03 – As told by the mother of Camille, 6:

"Two days ago Camille asked me if a plane could hit our tower [apartment building]. I told her it was impossible for a pilot to make such a mistake. She said, 'yes it could happen, mean guys could do that.' I said, 'No, impossible,' and why would she think that? She was angry and told me that she didn't know."

  9/18/03 – Sarah, 10:

"Sorry I've been so worried about people. It's been hard since September 11th."

  On October 4 and 5, 2003, children came to the classroom to design and construct what they would like to see built in place of the World Trade Center.

10/4/03 – Camille, 6, building with Lucas, 6.

Lucas to Camille: "Your building is little."

Camille: "I'm a little afraid if it falls down. A real building could be very tall and it could break another house. So I don't like that."

  10/4/03 – Matthew, 6, building with blocks:

"I remember the Twin Towers and they got crashed down by bad guys. The police came and got them and the Army. I hope all the bad guys are gone."

  10/5/03 – Lou, 6:

"This is the Twin Towers and over there is a regular building that was usually next to the Twin Towers. It used to be. This one crashed down because of an airplane got crashed into it."

  10/5/03 – Leo, 6:

First Leo said that inside his building was a park named "The sad park"; a little while later he said, "The happy park, but they decided already. They decided they were going to build a building. They will build something where the Twin Towers were but right next to that they will build a building so you can sit and meet other kids and think about the Twin Towers."

Content and photographs © 2009 Loyan Beausoleil and Gabe Kirchheimer.