The Youngest Witnesses

Content and photographs © 2009 Loyan Beausoleil and Gabe Kirchheimer.

Youngest Witnesses in the New York Times

Composer Michael Gordon, who integrated recordings of the Youngest Witnesses in his piece for the Kronos Quartet, The Sad Park, which premiered at Carnegie Hall in 2006, authored an article in the New York Times on 3/15/07 describing the project, with a photo by Loyan Beausoleil.

Forever After: New York City Teachers on 9/11
2006 Association of American Publishers PSP Award for Education

Teachers College Press has released an award-winning compilation of NYC teachers' experiences of 9/11 that includes a chapter by educator Loyan Beausoleil about the young children in her Lower Manhattan classroom who witnessed the destruction of the World Trade Center.

"These moving, firsthand accounts reveal the amazing wisdom and courage of public school teachers and administrators who cared for and protected the children in schools near the World Trade Center and around the City on 9/11. The inspiring stories in this collection bring into clear focus the enormous responsibility that teachers and administrators face every day and the crucial role they play in helping students make sense of the world, especially after terrifying and incomprehensible events like 9/11."

For more information, please see the Teachers College Press site:

Youngest Witnesses DVD now available for educators

A 30-minute DVD of compelling interviews with children who witnessed the destruction of the World Trade Center is now available. The children, ages 6-10, were interviewed individually and in pairs while viewing the models of the new World Trade Center building in the spring of 2004 at The Center for Architecture in Lower Manhattan. For inquiries, please contact Loyan Beausoleil.

Youngest Witnesses book project

A book of case studies, photographs and artwork of the children involved in the Youngest Witnesses project is nearing completion, and is scheduled for release in 2011.


Content and photographs © 2009 Loyan Beausoleil and Gabe Kirchheimer.